10 Bad Habits and the Best Ways You Can Avoid Them and Live Longer

10 Bad Habits to Avoid – People are involving themselves in things that are not friendly with healthy living and longevity. What we fail to understand is that many have harmed themselves, while many have sent themselves to early graves by doing the things that are highly detrimental to their wellbeing.

It’s so painful to see that some do not even know they are consciously harming themselves by partaking in the habit or behavior until it becomes late.

The 10 Bad Habits to Avoid for a better living

This work will extensively discuss 10 things young people that is capable of harming or sending them to an early grave if not properly addressed;

10 Bad Habits to void

What are the 10 Bad Habits to Avoid? … You will get the points now;

1. Consumption of hard Drugs:

This is the most common maladaptive behavior among this century’s youth. You will see good number of young people coming together just to take drugs all in the name of getting ‘high’ without considering the negative effects of the drugs they are consuming. Seriously, excessive drug abuse can damage the brain, hallucinations and other drug abuse related ailments. Not to even talk of the withdrawal syndrome when it becomes an addiction, it will cause serious health issues that can surmount to death.

2. Smoking Cigarettes:

Despite the inscription “smokers are liable to die young” on every packet of cigarette seen out there, and the demoralizing implications of such warning to their dear lives. Youths carelessly smoke as if ‘nothing spoiled’. Cigarette contains nicotine that is capable causing cancer and countless other health problems.

3. Excessive Intake of Alcohol:

It’s amusing to see youths measuring their enjoyment by the number of bottles of alcoholic drink they took per go. And those that engages in drinking competition. Although consumption of alcohol might not be that bad, but excessive intake of it am sure can cause liver complications that can lead to untimely death. Youths please shun excessive intake of alcohol because is not human friendly.

4. Excessive Eating of Food:

there’s no doubt that food is the source of energy and life, excess ingestion can lead to so many arrays of health problems like; obesity, high cholesterol in the blood, constipation, indigestion, and many others. Moderate consumption of food won’t be bad idea at all.

5. Snacking on Junks:

Many can testify to the last time they eat good food as a result of saving cost or forming too busy to make a good meal. Losing touch with your body’s natural hunger and satisfaction lead to unhealthy extra weight that can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and serious related disease. If you’re flooding your body with junk food, rethink because you might be digging your early grace unknowingly.

6. Reckless Driving:

Research has shown that two-third today’s road accidents are caused by reckless driving. Uncountable number of young people tends to drive like the road belongs to them. Good number of them and their friends were sent to early grave due the costly mistake of reckless driving and inability to keep to the traffic rules. Don’t submit yourself willingly into the cold hands of death by engaging in reckless driving.

7. Over Active s** Life:

There’s even no point trying to advise against premarital sex because it has come to stay. Maybe calling the youth’s mind to the health implications of choosing s** over food will earn me a listening ear. S** is important but over engaging in it will make the blood vessel to convulse, which reduces blood pressure and in effect expose you to Cardiac arrest.

8. Stress:

Stress is the emotional pressure that human being suffers. An unhappy lifestyle releases stress hormones that increases blood sugar and blood pressure, lower immunity, slow digestion and make you overweight. Exploring the stress management techniques is advisable if you notice its symptoms. This will help you lead a more fulfilling life with numerous benefits.

9. Solitude Lifestyle:

Everybody have a need for privacy but it’s awkward to use this as an excuse to living a solitude life. The roles human interaction plays on all round development cannot be undermined. Staying all alone for long lowers and weakens the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to diseases that can gradually claim your life. Friends are wonderful and can help you laugh off good quality of stress, break the boredom with them.

10. Thinking Too Much:

If lines are not yet in pleasant places for you, fine! Understand it from the positive perspective and stop wearing away your body cells with too much thinking. Too much thinking robs you of your happiness, joy and good tidings in case you don’t know. You will keep analyzing things till your mental stability will be impaired. Not to talk of falling victim of depression and anxiety. Thinking through it up and down repeatedly cannot solve it, it’ll only harm you the more.

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