16 Ways to Keep Your Body System Younger Than Your Age

16 Ways to Keep Your Body System Younger Than Your Age – As you grow old ,your body system also grow rapidly old and there’s a limit to what it can accommodate,at age of 50 To 60 years ,you can’t apprehend a 20yrs child in contest of and race,and you are deeply enlighten to keep your body prepared for many years.

From the finding from the health experts and practitioners ,these tips and approach will enable you live a healthy and longevity life.

How to Keep Your Body System Younger Than Your Age

These are :

1.   Constant exercise:
Constant exercise is very essential but for you to engage yourself on this exercise you should seek for the consent of fittest instructor.

2.   Eat Healthy food.
so Healthy food is the major prerequisite ,and u can as well stop and eradicate late night food,be more of a vegetarian,take a lot of fruits.

Red meats such as internal tissues like intestines, “towels” etc is a No,No,rather do kidney, liver, heart and lungs.

3.   Observe your siesta regularly,
Siesta here is a short sleep taken in afternoon ,and it’s functionality is that it helps to revitalize stressed tissues in our body system.
even though you don’t fall asleep,just rest,do away with all other things even off your phone or better still have it on silence so you don’t miss important calls,,take your eyes off social media and take a shortly rest.

4.   Sleep on your matrimonial bed with your spouse,most ageing people are defaulter of these,they just want privacy,but sleeping together also has its benefits,it helps reduce stress hormone levels.
This seem almost impossible but try as much as possible to sleep on your left side especially at night, this helps to drain the system of toxic substances through the lymphatic system.

5.   Stop Raising Your feet immediately after you wake up from sleep especially in the night,you can always take 20- 30secs on your sleeping position, even if you are pressed,then sit for a while,before you stand and walk.

This will help preserve the occurrence of brain damage that could lead to stroke.

6.   Have regular sex (legal)As an ageing person you should endeavor to have sex like 2-3 times a week ,this is recommended for married couple,Making love is more valuable and profitable than having sex (hope this is very communicative enough)?.

This has a lot of health benefits ranging from your heart, prostate, brain etc

7.   Mostly Bath with warm water than cold method system.it helps in eliminating and annihilating the chance of heart attack/stroke.

8.   Takes prescribed drugs on basis, taking drugs on basis will help prevent some unforeseen sickness that might trigger to transcend into the body system.

9.   Keep your system adequately hydrated,take a lot of water (warm) in a day, up to 2-3 litres of water per day will give joy to your kidneys and make them function properly.

10.   Devoid yourself from anything that can increase your stress level, physical,mental,psychological, and emotional,also take time out for recreational activities especially those that will make you happy,always wear a smile it relaxes the muscles on your face and makes you look younger.

11.   Avoid these,cigarettes, energy drinks, alcohol/alcoholic drinks, though some schools of thought say certain % of alcohol per day is good for the heart but it’s excursiveness is bad.

Bitter kola “O’rogbo” is highly medicinal and is good for our health, for females it’s a powerful anti oxidant particularly for females. It’s a powerful anti oxidant, that can prevent cancer of the breast, cervix, prostate e.t.c and also slows the growth of Fibroids.

For men,it helps improve male sexual performance, slows aging process,and diabetic complications in diabetic individuals.

At least a nut is good for you per day,but if you have peptic/gastric ulcer stay away,it could worsen symptoms.

12.   Do more of green tea,Avoid caffeinated beverages as much as possible.

13.   Avoid intake of processed foods as much as possible such as noodles, pasta, can foods.

14.   maintain good posture every hour,avoid sitting for too long,talk a walk if you have been in a sitting spot for more than 2hrs,it protects your GIT (Gastro Intestinal Tract) and also avoid wearing over seize shoe.

15.   Stop taking sugar and honey the reason should have been known to you before now.

Honey seem to be the umbrella people hide under in order to take sugar, unfortunately it gives same result as sugar,it only takes a longer time,so reduce the intake or avoid it totally especially if you have a family history of diabetes.

16.   Regular health check.

Check your health status regularly,this can never be over emphasized,early detection of every disease is key and a higher chance of survival.

Any Ageing person or adults must give attestation for his or her longevity of life if all these measures are put in place.

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