2020/2021 Nokia Scholarship Foundation for International students

However, on this page we are going to learn more about 2020/2021 Nokia Scholarship Foundation for International students. And their steps to follow and apply to it.

 Nokia Scholarship Foundation

Meanwhile, we are here to discuss with you how and the best steps to all for this awesome scholarship for international student. And also tell you more about Nokia and it scholarship for student.

Nokia Scholarship Foundation

Have you been desperately searching for cheap and affordable scholarship for study ?
Are you in need to study in abroad with standard learning system?
If yes. This is one of the favorable academic opportunity you ought not to miss out.
Nokia foundation agency in Finland leash out they offer of scholarship to all International students, this programme ought to encourage massive efficient, fast-progressing doctoral studies and also research methodology.

  • Application Deadline: 27th September 2020
  • The Eligible Countries: International
  • Venue: To be taken at Finland country.
  • Number of scholarships: Not specified
  • Type: PhD
  • Content of the Award: Nokia

Nokia Scholarship Foundation Description

Therefore, Nokia Scholarships are geared towards granting individuals who are pursuing a doctoral degree in a realm of information or telecommunications technology or in clearly related supporting scientific disciplines. Scholarship can be grant for doctoral studies in a Finnish university or to a Finnish applicant for doctoral studies abroad.


Meanwhile, every applicant must have or obtain a commitment statement from his/her principal supervisor, who must be a professor, docent, or senior scientist at the university at which the student is pursuing their degree. After that, the statement must be submit to the application database by the supervisor. The scholarship can be grant no more than two times to the same individual.

Duration of Scholarship:

The duration of this scholarship can be grant not more than two times per individual.

To Apply for Nokia Scholarship Application.

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