Apply for NNPC/SNEPCo 2020 Students Scholarship Program

However, on this page we are going to teach and show how to Apply for NNPC/SNEPCo 2020 Students Scholarship Program. We are here to help you out on how to apply for NNPC/SNEPCo 2020 for your scholarship.

nnpc full funded scholarship

To the general hearing to all Nigeria University students both home and abroad that Nigeria National Petroleum corporation (NNPC) in conjunction with Shell Nigeria Exploration and production Company limited (SNEPCo)has released ban For University Scholarship For Nigerian Students for the year 2020.

This Enticing Scholarships is made openly for Nigerian undergraduates who are find eligibility following the below requirements.

The scholarship foundation is meant to provide an enabling grands for all candidates that come successful in their registration for the scholarship.

The scholarship is open for all undergraduates especially on the basis of students who have completed their first year or above in the university.

Qualifications Before Applying Are.

  1. You must be a Nigerian before you will be qualify for the scholarship.
  2. You must have successfully completed your first year in the university.

a. You have to be a regular student.

b.You must have a minimum CGPA of not less than 3.5.

3. If you are currently a beneficiary of any other school programme don’t apply .

Ways to Apply NNPC/SNEPCo 2020 Students Scholarship Program

1. You must have a workable email account before registering and workable phone number.

2. All applications is to be submitted online using this link,

3. Information regarding your person and academic will be required;

4. A scanned copy of the following will be required during application;

a. a recent passport in JPEG;

b. a copy of your admission letter;

c. Jamb result;

d. as well as your SSCE result and 100 level result;

e. and lastly, Local Government Identification.

Basic Steps For Application

You can use the link above to Apply.

– on the tab, click “Apply Now”

– on the dashboard click on, “Register now”

3. A message will be sent to your mail then proceed to activate your account.

4. After activating your account use the to return to Scholarship site to continue your registration.

5. When you have return to the registration again enter your email and password.

6. further enter your National Identification Number, and other In it would be requiring.

7. Make sure that the name is same with the name on your other documents.

8.Be best assured the proper uploading of your documents..

9. Your passport must be on white background.

10. If you are sure the information you filled in was correct procedure with the “Apply” to submit your form.

11. A message will be sent to you immediately confirming your successful application.

12. After that, return to, enter your Email and Password and download your profile take it to your Head of Department sign.

14. Than upload a copy of the signed profile, this would serve as a means for your verification.

You are advise to be a good citizens by sharing every useful information you heard to the Designated point where it’s needed most.