Best Routines to Migrate to Canada without Travel Agents/Consultants

However, on this page we are going to discuss all about Best Routines to Migrate. Best Routines to Migrate to Canada without Travel Agents/Consultants. Therefore, it best travel agents in Canada, we are going to show you some steps.

Best Routines to Migrate to Canada

Best Routines to Migrate to Canada

Are you bothered on the best country to travel?
Have you been troubled with travel agents or consultants disappointment?
If yes.
Canada has been accredited as a best country to travel without the disturbance of the traveling misfortune .
Having an in-depth look of the current unpleasant economic scenario in Nigeria a lot of Nigerians have become more inquisitive to migrate to different countries and also different continent of the world.

It’s noted that many western countries are fast locking their borders making it even more difficult for migrants gain even their tourist visas.

Currently ,Canada happens to be one of the few countries in North America who are accepting migrants. Many Resarch has shown that as the economy of the country expands more hands are needs for its sustainability and even more expansion.
Because of this the government of Canada had open up it borders for foreigners or migrants to legitimately come in, live and also work in their country.

Travel agents and consultants have taken advantage of this, to sideline intending migrants , charging exorbitant fees while doing little or nothing.

These are the best routine you can migrate to Canada.

It’s believable that in 2015, the Canadian Government established a program called Express entry.
This system is used to manage applications for Permanent Residence.

The Requirements for the program

On this program only what is expected from you is the correct answer to below questions:

  • Your Nationality
  • language
  • proficiency.
  • Age.
  • work experience
  • Your family members education.
  • job secured in Canada ( if any)

From the above description for requirement, the vital thing you need is to ensure you have a valid result test for English language proficiency, this is mostly the International English Language Test Services, IELTS. Ensure you score 7 and above in all the sections. That answers for language proficiency.

For education, all you need is to get your certificate from your tertiary institutions with authentic verification by a body known as WES or IQAS.

You are expects to have at least one job experience.

Once those things are done , your are good to go

When all these things are already ,you have to delve into express entry profile and start your application. All things you will be asked on the application are the most things you can easily provide, including your bank statement, which by the way must have the required fund at least three months before you start your application saga.

It is advisable to you get those requirements above before you proceed with your registration or Application.

In the Express entry poll you will be awards. On point on the basis of the answers you provide during the application. Normally Every two weeks a draw is held to select those who scores are above then cut of points. The selects applications will then be issued Invitation To Apply. It to (ITA) which will enable you to apply for Permanent Residence, PR.

The application for permanent Resident. PR always takes about six months to mature as long as you provide all the documents you are requires to provide.

This Express entry programmed owned and managed by the Government of Canada.
Knowing full well that Federal Government alone cannot not afford the huge number of immigrants required to sustain their fast rising economy, other provinces have also hosted and established what is known as the Provincial Nomination Program, (PNP).
What they does is that the provinces can nominate eligible and qualified immigrants and recommend them to the federal government for possible issuance of parmanent Residence (PR).
The provincial Nomination automatically gives you 600 points ahead of your application on the Express Entry platform.
The process is quite less rigorous and is not rocket science.
You may not necessarily need any agents or consultants who will place much charge on you to do the same simple things that requires just your time.

In conclusion, for more information about the Best Routines to Migrate to Canada Click Here