British Army Recruitment Application Form 2018/2019 – HOW TO Apply

Here is the latest update on British Army Recruitment Application Form 2018, Are you in search to know when British army recruitment form will be out? if yes then keep reading to apply online free.The British Army is the principal land warfare force of the United Kingdom. As of 2017, the British Army comprises just over 80,000 trained regular (full-time) personnel and just over 26,500 trained reserve (part-time) personnel.

The modern day British Army traces back to 1660, when it was known as the English Army; the term “British Army” was adopted in 1707 after the Acts of Union between England and Scotland.

Although all members of the British Army are expected to swear (or affirm) allegiance to Elizabeth II as their commander-in-chief, the Bill of Rights of 1689 requires parliamentary consent for the Crown to maintain a peacetime standing army.

Therefore, Parliament approves the Army by passing an Armed Forces Act at least once every five years. The Army is administered by the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) and commanded by the Chief of the General Staff.

Eligibility For 2018 British Army Registration Form

  • All Applicants must be of or member of the commonwealth countries
  • Must be of age in line from 18-47 years
  • All Applicants must be physically and mentally fit

Educational Qualification

Applicants must be enrolled in a recognized Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree programme and in most cases should have at least two years left of their course. At the Commanding Officer’s discretion those who are at Postgraduate level but are considering careers in the military, or have evidence of the pursuit of further education once they have completed their current course, may be considered.

Steps To Apply For British Army Recruitment Application Form 2018

Here are few steps on how to go about your online application or British army registration form. So adhere to the instructions below if really you want to have successful account registration:

  1. Visit the official British Army Recruitment portal HERE
  2. Carefully fill the registration form by entering your details see image below
  3. Once done click on the SUBMIT button to Successfully Apply for the 2018 British army registration form.