Criminal Justice: Accredited Online Schools for Associate’s Degrees Program

Do you have an interest in law, the justice system, and other aspects of Criminal Justice?

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Or would you like to get a job in the field of Criminal Justice, putting your sense of value and commitment to your community? An online associate’s degree in Criminal Justice may help prepare you for a wide range of entry-level jobs in this competitive field.

Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice: Associate’s Degrees Program Accredited Online Schools

Broadly speaking, Criminal Justice is a field including a variety of different specialties associated with law enforcement, civic order, a court system, and many other aspects of preventing and publishing criminal behavior. An associate degree in this field could be an important step towards the way to employment opportunities in many possible paths, such as law enforcement, juvenile justice, and crime scene investigation.

Since online education has become an alternative to traditional education, online associate programs in Criminal-Justice also get popular. Online associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from accredited schools would help you understand the US legal system and recognize the causes and prevention of criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, through online study, you will acquire real-world skills and the latest knowledge in this field. Just in a word, an online associate’s degree in Criminal Justice will provide you with a solid foundation needed for your continuing education or in the workplace.

Making you more clear on Criminal Justice online Degrees Program

Specifically, there are two kinds of associate’s degree available in Criminal Justice, AA and AS. AA stands for Associate of Art, while AS stands for Associate of Science. Both equip you with a strong readiness for careers in Criminal-Justice. Then, what are the differences between the two?

An Associate of Art is typically less specialized than an Associate of Science. In most cases, it is awarded in subjects like languages, literature, and history. An Associate of Science degree is usually related to technical or scientific fields, requiring more classes in comparison to an AA degree.

If you just want to figure out what Criminal-Justice is, both degrees are good. But if you wanna learn in depth in criminology and criminal psychology, an Associate of Science degree would be better. In spite of which type of associate degree you choose, you can find a good number of online schools for it.

Now for your reference, I list Top 4 accredited schools that award associate degrees in Criminal Justice.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. As an experienced online education provider, Kaplan provides the Online Associate of Applied Science in Criminal-Justice program for those craving for an entry-level job in this field.

This program is designed to help you develop the liberal art knowledge needed for the positions in the Criminal Justice industry. You will have an opportunity to interact with top-rated professionals and learn career-specific skills. Understand the philosophy and development of the US Criminal Justice system, its institutions, and challenges. All the courses are developed with the strong focus on criminology, criminal investigation, criminal law, and methods of countering terrorism.

You must complete 90 credits in order to receive the degree successfully. After your graduation, you may qualify for entry-level positions in police or sheriff’s departments, jails, prisons, and other law enforcement offices. You will be also well prepared for further study at the bachelor’s level. Review

American Intercontinental University

The Associate of Science in Criminal-Justice program from AIU is design(ed) for people who have an interest in the Criminal Justice, providing them with real-world knowledge and skills.

Students enrolled into this online program will learn how to demonstrate fundamental knowledge of law enforcement, the courts, and juvenile justice system, and how to apply appropriate knowledge and skills that are crucial in the Criminal Justice field.

The courses are develop(ed) to help students acquire the essential knowledge and skills need(ed) for their career goals. The experience and firsthand perspectives you learn in class will get you prepare for the real-life challenges after you complete the program. Core courses included in this program are: More

  • Foundations of Criminal Justice Systems
  • Theories of Crime Causation
  • Introduction to Criminal Law
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • Foundations of Corrections
  • Introduction to American Court System

Strayer University

Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Strayer University offers the online Associate in Arts in Criminal Justice for working adults interested in the Criminal Justice field.

The program allows you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. The normal time to complete it is 3.5 years.

Through this program, you will learn liberal arts coursework and essential knowledge and skills relevant in the Criminal Justice field.

The well-designed courses will help you develop communication, critical thinking and reasoning skills, enhance your understanding of how political, cultural and economic factors influence Criminal Justice.

As a graduate of this associate’s degree program, you will obtain the competencies needed for entry into the field of law enforcement, corrections and security.

The entire program’s tuition and fees are $35,300 for current part-time tuitions rates and $33,500 for current full-time rates. Review

Liberty University

For working professionals who would want to earn an online associate degree in Criminal Justice, Liberty University’s Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice program will be for you. furnishing you with the knowledge and skills you need to realize career goals.

This online program is design(ed) to provide you with the foundations in Criminal Justice and thereby prepares you for a variety of careers in Criminal Justice related fields.

You will learn oral and written communication skills necessary for effective communication, as well as develop strong leadership and managerial skills for future promotional opportunities.

Moreover, earning an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice will pave your way towards a bachelor’s degree in this field, which is also available online at Liberty University. This online associate program consists of 60 credit hours, and the tuition is $325 per credit for full-time enrollment. Review