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Direct Jobs in Europe are available. Recently I came across something I thought was impossible. A person approached me for Visa help who just got a direct job in Estonia from Pakistan.

Direct Jobs in Europe

The most exciting part? He was a welder by profession. There are many blue-collar Jobs in Europe that pay high salaries. You can even send that to your home for your family. I checked all the information and it was a legitimate offer. Thought to share it with you so you can also apply for the Job Opportunities in Europe.

Find a job in Europe. There are currently 4219118 Jobs waiting for you! Part-time, Full time, Temporary, or Permanent Vacancies depending upon the nature and type of Job. Just sign up, make a profile, and start for a job in Europe Directly.

10 years ago it was nearly impossible to get a direct Job in EU. 5 years ago only software professionals started to get directly hired by other countries. And now we are seeing the first instance of blue-collar workers being hired directly in Europe. A Great chance to make a 2nd Passport and then apply for a Residency Program offered by Europe. Isn’t it breaking news? The details about the application process are given below.

How to Apply for Direct Jobs in Europe

Number of Opportunities: 4219118 Jobs

Country: European Countries

Step by Step Application Process

  • Go to the website
  • Search any European Country, or search by Job Title.
  • It will List all Jobs.
  • On the Left sidebar, you can select Part-time, Full Time, Language, Job Sector, Education Level, and Experience Level.
  •  Select the Language for the Job, so it will list all Jobs which are in English. You can also select another language if you can speak it.
  • Make a profile and Start applying for jobs directly.

Job Sector

Accommodation And Food Service Activities (121565)

Activities Of Extraterritorial Organisations And Bodies (496)

Activities Of Households As Employers; Undifferentiated Goods- And Services-producing

Activities Of Households For Own Use (1186)

Administrative And Support Service Activities (850242)

Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing (16115)

Arts, Entertainment And Recreation (13175)

Construction (113335)

Education (66099)

Electricity, Gas, Steam And Air Conditioning Supply (6122)

Financial And Insurance Activities (27956)

Human Health And Social Work Activities (197471)

Information And Communication (65842)

Manufacturing (198756)

Mining And Quarrying (5142)

Other Service Activities (40707)

Professional, Scientific And Technical Activities (175114)

Public Administration And Defence; Compulsory Social Security (36700)

Real Estate Activities (13342)

Transportation And Storage (58767)

Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management, And Remediation Activities (17887)

Wholesale And Retail Trade; Repair Of Motor Vehicles And Motorcycles (195323)


These Jobs are for low-level educated people, blue-collar jobs.

Shop sales assistants (127024)

Freight handlers (93096)

Manufacturing laborers not elsewhere classified (71583)

Nursing professionals (69164)

Cleaners and helpers in offices, hotels, and other establishments (58123)

Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers (56987)

Heavy truck and lorry drivers (53457)

Building and related electricians (50118)

Waiters (49938)

Accountants (49654)

Cooks (49258)

Social work associate professionals (46151)

Secretaries (general) (45477)

Metal working machine tool setters and operators (41364)

Health care assistants (38279)

Accounting associate professionals (37638)

Motor vehicle mechanics and repairers (37538)

Plumbers and pipe fitters (32431)