ExxonMobil Best Scholarships grant For International Students

However, on this page we will discuss about scholarship in 2020 to 2021. ExxonMobil Best Scholarships grant For International Students and it’s step of applying.

ExxonMobil Best Scholarships

Therefore, ExxonMobil Best Scholarships grant For International Students is one of the best scholarship in 2021. We are going to guide you on the following steps to follow and apply for it.

ExxonMobil Best Scholarships grant Description

Therefore, ExxonMobil Best Scholarship assists the federal government of Nigeria in training and developing medium and high-level manpower for the country while also enhancing a possible feeder pool of employable candidates into the company.

Do you need scholarships to apply and be successful?
Do you need conducive learning environment for your study, if yes.
Keep reading this article to an end and see content of this scholarship package.

This scholarship is designed specifically on the available list below having undergraduate courses like :

  1. Computer Science
  2. Agricultural Science
  3. Medicine
  4. Geology
  5. Geophysics
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Mechanical Engineering
  8. Chemical Engineering
  9. Petroleum Engineering

The Eligibility for the ExxonMobil scholarship programme:

  1. For you to gain this scholarship, the basic requirements you need first,is to provide is your SSCE. At the vein time, you can try to provide its equivalent but do not forget that you have to obtain credit pass in not less than six subjects.
  2. You have to be registered as a full-time student of approved university. It’s itemised that only students in the first and second year of education can apply for this scholarship. If you are a student who already has any other scholarship, you are not qualify to apply.
  3. All partners of the following organizations like: °Esso Exploration Production Nigeria, °Mobil Oil Plc, and °Mobil Producing Nigeria are not permitted to take part in the scholarship plight.

Method for Registration:

Above all, it’s also obligatory to know that the applications are only done through the website scholatica.ng. If you are interest in the application, then you need to read the following steps to do that.

To Apply for ExxonMobil Best Scholarships

The application proedure is very simple and can be done online.


  1. Your Passport photograph (it should have the white background and be no more than three months old.
  2. ID card from the university where you study or majored.
  3. SSCE result (you can also send the document equivalent to SSCE)
  4. Identification letter (attestation letter) from your local government chairman.
  5. JAMB Result
  6. Birth certificate
  7. Admission letter
  8. You will need to ensure that all the documents are name in sequence and there should be no mistakes in them.
    Meanwhile, you must upload the necessary document when you are asked to upload. If you have uploaded the wrong document, then you have to retry and upload the new one but you have to take caution before uploading those documents online.

Steps in Application

  1. You have to visit www.scholastica.ng
  2. There you can find the ExxonMobil scholarship.
  3. When you find it, just select “Apply Now.”
  4. After that scene you will need to select
  5. Register Now.”

And here are more for you to do

You will get the letter to the email with the details of your account, click on the link there.
You will return to the scholastic.
Log in there by using your email and password.
You will need to enter the National Identification Number, upload the required scan copies and other personal information.
You will need to ensure that the name that you use in the application matches all the documents that you are sending.

Before uploading the documents, you can review it.

However, double check the application. No mistakes are allow in this case.
You will need to select “apply now,” and select NNPC/MPN program. Must get the letter to your email which states that the operation has been successful.
You will return to the scholastic.com, and get the referee document to sign. It will serve as your verification.
Meanwhile, if you don’t have the national verification number, then you can always visit ninerol.gov.ng to get the one! There you will find all necessary information about obtaining the number.
ExxonMobil scholarship is one of the best opportunities for technical students.

If you really want to make it in life and you are fully entitle to apply for this offer, you have to hasten up and do the needful before it’s closure.
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