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Basic things: what you should do on your first day at work. If you are recently employed and you are panicking on what to do on your first day at work. Then you should worry no more. Jobfied will list down few points telling you how and what you should actually do when you get to work so that you can fit into the job.

I know some questions running through your mind will be like:

  • What should I do on my first day of work?
  • How will it be working in this company?
  • Will I fit in? Will I be able to do the work?
  • How will my new boss be like?
  • What will my colleagues be like?
  • How is the company culture?
  • What are the written and unwritten rules?

First Day At Work

Preamble: Company Or Organization Culture Activities

Firstly, you should know that different companies have different traditions for their first day welcoming new staff.

Most companies send out an email to all existing staff. To all existing staff or the respective department’s staff informing them that a new colleague will be joining soon.

Furthermore, Some thoughtful HR will send out a brief biography and a photo of the new staff person. Therefore when you actually start your first day you are not a complete stranger.

Although, some companies are either behind the curve or too busy to send out a heads-up about the new colleague.

In some companies, you could spend most of your first day if not the entire day in the human resources office. There in the HR office, you will be completing personnel forms and getting company orientation.

Things You Should Do On Your First Day At Work

On the eve of your first day at a new job, make a conscious effort to mentally prepare yourself for the work.

  • Dress Smartly
  • Breakfast, Water, Lunch and a Note Pad
  • Observe Keenly 
  • Setting-up Your Personal Space
  • Remember People’s Names and Titles
  • Learn the Office Layout
  • Meeting Room rules
  • Say Hi to Front Office Staff
  • Read Company Policies and Procedures
  • Ask Questions
  • Communication
  • Cell Phone Etiquette
  • Learn the Hierarchy at Work
  • Don’t Overshare Personal Information

Below are the steps and some things to do to get prepared with detail decryption.

1. Dress Smartly

This is one of the most important thing you must do. Dress properly and come to work especially on your first day at work.

Moving on as you observe the company dressing code you could either check it up or down a notch as appropriate.

2. Breakfast, Water, Lunch and a Note Pad

Try and eat your breakfast even if you might feel tempted to skip it, then arrive to work early.

Carry your water bottle, It is very important to stay well hydrated throughout the work day.

3. Observe Keenly (What You Should Do On Your First Day At Work)

Therefore, when you arrive at the office, one of your key missions is to observe and stay calm. Take in as much visual information as you can. Watch what time other colleagues arrive.

4. Setting-up Your Personal Space

Note: Don’t go too wild and overboard with personalizing your workspace.

Therefore, Look around and notice how other staff have personalized their workspace. Do they have some photos of loved ones, flowers, plants, decorations, artifacts.

5. Remember People’s Names and Titles

Very important, no one expects you to remember everything that you learn on your first few days at work but you can make a positive impression by quickly remembering names.

Also, try to memorize people’s names and titles, you can also write down this information.

6. Learn the Office Layout

Firstly, Get to know your office surroundings quickly. however, you will need to find out the following: Where is your desk? Where is your boss’ office/desk/cubicle?

Therefore, you can know where is the incoming and outgoing mail located? Where is the bathroom located?

7. Meeting Room rules (Your First Day At Work)

It is essential to know the meeting room protocols such as not using a permanent marker on a whiteboard.

switch off lights when you leave a meeting room and how to reserve a meeting room.

8. Say Hi to Front Office Staff

You should Treat the front office staff, security guard and cleaning team with great respect. Always acknowledge them, say hello in the morning and goodnight when you leave in the evening.

9. Read Company Policies and Procedures

There are those critical policies and procedures that you must read within the first few days at your new job.

This can be to read the Employee Handbook immediately and even sign an acknowledgement confirming that they have read the handbook.

10. Ask Questions (First Day At Work)

However, the first week is all about learning and what better way to learn than asking questions.

Ask lots of questions in a kind and respectful way but don’t go overboard with questions.

11. Communication

However, should be conscious of your body language as a new staff. You could be saying one thing with your words but your body language could be saying something different.

12. Cell Phone Etiquette

A good rule of thumb for the office is to always keep your cell phone on vibrate whether it is your first day of work or your tenth year. Be considerate of others.

On your first week it is best not to talk on your cellphone in the office even if your co-workers are doing so.

13. Learn the Hierarchy at Work

Therefore, always take time to study the organization chart if one is available. If not you can ask colleagues or HR to explain to you the structure of the organization.

Be especially keen to know where you fit in within the overall organization structure.

14. Don’t Overshare Personal Information

Finally, be alert, not everyone has the best intentions. Know your boundaries regarding what information you are willing to share with co-workers.

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