How to Create Word document in Android phone – Install Google Docs Apk

How to Create Word document in Android phone – Are you a student or a teacher that can’t afford your personal computer? Have you been spending a reasonable amount of money frivolously to type your documents in a cyber café? And lastly, do you own an Android phone you only used for keeping up with friends on social media? Pause a minute and ask yourself ‘am I in my right senses?’

Google Documents apk

Well, all these questions are to set your mind on the pace of the topic this article is about to address. There’s no doubt that not every household have a purchasing power of a PC and it’s crystal clear that irrespective of how expensive it might be to purchase before us, the importance of the activities performed on PCs are quantifiable in this 21st century especially to the students and other people in academic related fields.

Ranging from typing your assignments, project work, your course materials down to other related task that requires typing; it all requires to be done on a PC or a good Smartphone. This article is out to tell you that your android phones can serve you right through all these situations if you can’t afford a laptop to do your typing. But will you pay a keen attention as I lead you through the steps that will liberate you from the errors and time it takes to get your documents ready in a café?

After reading this I don’t think anybody will come up with a flimsy excuse of “I don’t have a PC to type work” while your Android phone is hale and hearty and can be comfortably used in place of a laptop to type your documents. Except you are one of all these loafers that wants everything to be served to them already made, that’s the condition you will keep to the excuses and spend unlimitedly the money and time you’d have used on other things to wait on a typist for your works. Otherwise, you will take the bull by the horn and start doing it yourself.

Because outside the time and money spent on typing documents in cyber café, I can’t stand to stumble upon typographical errors almost in all the lines and paragraph of my work due to hastening in trying to earn enough before the day runs off. So if you are time conscious and have absolute zero tolerance for stumbling upon errors almost in all the lines and paragraphs of your typed documents but don’t have your own PC, your Android phone can actually serve this purpose while you keep saving up to get a PC. Don’t expect a magic as we gradually go through the steps to use your phone in place of a PC because you have already started the magic yourself by getting an android phone while the App builder finalized it by creating an application that makes your phone worth it. Here we go!

Steps to Create Word document in Android phone

Step 1
Open the Google play store app on your android phone and search for the WPS OFFICE application. Download and install it on your android phone.

Step 2
Having successfully installed it on your phone, open the application and click on the create new documents sign downwards on the right hand side (+)

Step 3
Once you click on the instruction on step 2 above, a section pops up with six (6) clickable options ranging from document, presentation, Spreadsheet, PDF, memo and scanner. You are to choose according to whatever you want do on your phone. But since we’re talking on how to type a document on your phone, yow will click on the very first option which bears ‘Document’.

Step 4
Clicking on document will lead you to the next section where your actual typing task starts. This time around you are really good-to-go with your documents typing.

Step 5
I’m sure we all know it doesn’t make any sense if the typed document is not saved on either the device or the SD Card on the device for further usage. It’s either you connect your phone to a printer if you have one and print your typed work directly or you save or copy it to memory card and proceed to cyber café and have your work printed at a very low cost.

The options in step 3 of this article on the processes of getting to use WPS OFFICE clearly shows there are whole lot you can do yourself on Smartphone. All you need is to explore beyond limitations of thinking you’ve got a phone to keep up with friends alone. Understand from this article that you use this same app convert your ordinary documents to a PDF file, perform the same work on the app’s spreadsheet as it is in PC. And I just hope you weren’t expecting this article to teach you how to perform the abracadabra of converting your phone to a PC in actual sense, but am so sure you have learnt the gradual steps to follow and get some crucial things you thought was only possible to be done on PCs on your Smartphone with the help of knowledge in application’s function and usage.

I hope this gives you an edge ahead!

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