How to Discover Extra Memory Space in Your Smartphone Without Deleting Anything

How to Discover Extra Memory Space in Your Smartphone – We shall be discussing with on this very important topic on how to get more storage on android without deleting any file, pictures or videos in other to create a space for the download.

Things that can occupy the memory on your Smartphone

Most a times we are being notified for low storage space in our phone system when we are having few files in our phone memory and that alone gets annoying.

Firstly, these are the things that occupy space on your phone without your canal knowledge.

  1. Uncompleted downloads – mostly downloading files may be obstructed because of either poor network system or storage of data or minimal space in your phone and such files intend to hide on the separate point in your file manager, the tricky part is that you may not see it to delete it, but it stays there until you dispose or trash it out.
  2. Applications that are Irrelevant – On daily basis we congest our phone with exculsive apps that we do not frequently use or we do not open but such an apps are irrelevant which accumulated much of space in our phone memory.
  3. Saved Applications – At times our phone are dauserved with saved articles or files which we purposely saved foe either immediate use or for reference purpose and such saved files constituted to low space in our system.
  4. Whatsapp images and Videos – Whatsapp images and videos mostly occupy space in our android phones, the fact is that any video you have seen or view, you really do not need it in your phone anymore.
  5. Fade Songs in your playlist – We have songs which are there in our phone which we either play or delete but such song are there for fantancy, you can do well to delete them to ensure you create enough space in your phone memory.

How to Discover Extra Memory Space in Your Smartphone Without Deleting Anything

1. Uninstall Unused Apps

On the Apps screen, just click on an app that you no longer want and uninstall it.

Once you delete apps you’re no longer using, you may immediately see a marked difference in the available space on your device, but there’s more…

2. Set Your Old Messages to Auto-Delete

A great way to save space is to enable auto-delete of your old text messages. That way, when you exceed a threshold of 200 text messages, your phone will automatically get rid of them starting with the oldest.

Go to Messages > Settings > More Settings > Delete Old Messages. Here’s what that should look like:

Messages > Settings > More Settings > Delete Old Messages on an Android device

3. Back Up Your Files in the Cloud

Using a cloud service to store your files can be a big space saver. Once you’ve backed up your files to the cloud, feel free to delete them on your device.

The obvious choice here for an Android user is to use Google Drive, which comes with 15GB of free space (including your other Google accounts). Aside from Google, here are some of the most popular cloud storage services:

  • Dropbox: Free account comes with 2GB of free space
  • iCloud: Free account comes with 5GB of free space
  • OneDrive: First tier with 5GB of free storage

4. Back Up Files to Your Computer

Using a USB cord, you can connect your Android phone to your computer and back up files there as well. Make sure your computer has plenty of memory!

5. Press the ‘Free Up Space’ Button to Begin the Process

Go to: Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage

Please note: On some Android phones, instead of “Device Maintenance” it may say “Device Care.”

You should see a “Free up space” button there. Once you tap it, your phone will begin freeing up more space immediately.

The way it does this is by deleting files that you have already backed up. Here’s how that screen looks:

Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage on an Android device

Above here are the required steps you are to take and you will free up space on your android mobile phone without deleting any of your valued app.
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