How To Easily Earn money From Google Admob For Free in 2020

However, on this page, we are going to discuss the issue on How To Easily Earn money From Google Admob For Free in 2020. We are going to teach and show you some steps to follow on how to earn money from google admob for free in 2020.

How To Easily Earn money

How To Easily Earn money

What is AdMob? It is a free platform that gives you a way to earn money by displaying targeted ads alongside your app content. You can show relevant and engaging ads to your app users and even customize the look and feel of ads to match your app. Meanwhile, Google AdMob is the forum or that permit you to monetize your application. AdMob is a mobile advertising company and system that, in May 2010, was acquired by Google. AdMob is a performance-base on marketing product that was develope by Google or it has its source from Google and it helps you to earn income by publishing banners and video ads.

To realize Money with Google AdMob:

In the internet community, there are numerous areas to earn money using your websites or apps. Irrespective of google absence, Google AdMob is another optional and trusted source You the same this question has been irritating many people on difference between Google AdMob and how it differs from Google AdSense.

AdMob Network:

The network has an extensive support guide with numerous forums dedicated to solving any technical issues that arise. Basically, AdMob is a mobile-oriented version of AdSense. The network functions across all major platforms, including AdMob Android, AdMob iOS, and Windows 8. AdMob is allowing developers and publishers to monetize their mobile apps through app advertising with relevant ads from a huge inventory of advertisers that runs into their millions.

What a developer needs to do is sign up for a free account and install the SDK into their app. Revenue is usually earned on a CPC basis, though there is also some CPM advertising available. This network does not require any specific language. AdMob can be used by both basic and advanced app publishers. The simplest way to use AdMob is to create standard-sized ads to appear in your app and to be filled using the Google mobile advertising network.

The information that advertisers should know:

  • The process of its using is similar to AdSense.
  • With this tool it will be easy to find the ads that have the highest impression.

The 9 (nine) information that developers should know:

  1. All you need to do is to place standardized ads into app
  2. The rest will be done by analytical tools and mobile ad network of Google.
  3. You can withdraw money from Google AdMob with this process.
  4. Select your form of payment Admob
  5. Sign in to your AdMob account.
  6. Click Payments.
  7. In the How you get paid section, click Add
  8. payment method.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose your form of payment and save your changes.

However, the more the ad you create by using AdMob gets the attraction, the more you can earn income. And also, your Admob account will be link to your bank account and every revenue you generate by the clicks made to your app will be transfer to your bank account.

Meanwhile, your Admob earning come into Adsense account from which you will get money in your bank account by wire transfer. You can earn money from AdMob by creating an app and, after that place Google AdMob ads on your app. Facebook are earning From Google.Bloggers are Earnings from Google. Websites Are earnings From Google. App owners are earning From Google. In conclusion, you too can earn from Google. Get one or more Apps and start your earning journey and Google Always Pay On 21Th of Every Month.

However, Google Admob is the best online platform ever, that is why most app developers today are millionaires and keep on building apps to help them in earning. To get the prices of each earning apps, send a private message to the admin. The apps are cheap and are at affordable prices.

Step by Step on how to create your Google admob account:

  1. Click
  2. Sign up with a valid Gmail acct
  3. Select Nigeria as your country
  4. Choose Lagos as time zone
  5. click on Nigerian Naira as mode of payment
  6. Mark all field yes in the next page
  7. You will be asked if your app has been uploaded on playstore and Click NO
  8. Enter app information
  9. Click on create ad unit
  10.  Click on banner and input ad unit name
  11. After that click create ad unit, you will find alpha numeric codes, leave the first code and copy out the second code.
  12. Create 5 banners by following the same procedure. Note: naming of each banner code should be in this order (banner1, banner2, banner3, banner4, banner5 ) for easy identification
  13. After creating banner ad unit and copying out the codes, go back and click on interstitial follow the same format
  14. Create just two interstitials name it in this order (inter 1 and inter2) save the codes on your note pad or memo.That’s all Click on Done.
  15. Scroll to payment and fill in your current address.

How is AdMob used?

First you need app. When you purchase an app from us if you don’t have one. And make your payment and we develop an Admob app for you and link it to your Google Admob account. You can earn from banner ads and interstitial ads. When your app is been open, an ad will be shown and for every click and viewing of ads you will get money.

Requirements for AdMob

Before you use Google AdMob, here are the specific requiremests:

  • You must have an application developed or made yourself.
  • It does not need to be approved as Google AdSense so it requires absolutely less stress generally.
  • I have been making around $100 a day from implementing Interstitial Ads and Admob ads from Google.
  • The app is live for past 2 years now and they hasn’t been any negative review so far.

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