How to get Work permit in China – China Work Permit and Visa Requirements

This page is going to walk you through the application process for a Work permit in China, many people ask the questions like how do I come to China as a temporary foreign worker before then understand the meaning of a work permit.

A work permit is a legal authorization that allows you, to take employment in a country which not your own home country or a country in which you do not hold citizenship. Checkout requirement for China immigration visa program

Types of Work Visas in China

China uses abbreviations with letters and numbers to designate certain visa types. For example:

  • Z visa: A visa for workers staying in China for longer than six months.
  • X1/2: The X stands for xuéshēng, which means student, and the numbers indicate how long someone will stay. This visa is for students, and the X1 is for those staying longer than 180 days, while X2 is for a period shorter than that.
  • J1/2: The J is from jìzhě, or journalist. This visa is meant for foreign journalists staying for a specific period.
  • M: A business visa meant for stays of 30 to 60 days.
  • F: A visa for exchange students, visitors, and study tours lasting 30 to 90 days.
  • S1/2: This visa is meant for people visiting family members who are non-residents.
  • Q1/2: China gives this visa to individuals visiting family members who are from or living in the country.

Other letters to watch for include “C” for chuányuán, or crew, “L” for lǎowài, or foreigner/tourist, and “G” for guòjìng, or transit.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa in China?

The requirements to get a work visa can vary based on the type of visa. However, most Chinese visa applications need a passport, photograph, official letter of invitation, health certificate, and official employment license from the Chinese authorities. All foreigners with a visa must comply with the Chinese Exit-Entry Administration Law and register with the Public Security Bureau (PSB). They must do so within 24 hours of arriving in the country. Here’s how each of your employees can comply:

  • Go to the nearest police station
  • Show a passport
  • Show a deed or lease to a home or host’s household registration
  • Complete a temporary residence registration form

After registering, your employee will get an approved Registration Form of Temporary Residence. This form can help when they’re trying to obtain a permanent Chinese residence permit.

Application Process for a Working Visa in China

Applying for a work visa in China requires going to the closest Chinese Visa Application Service Center or Chinese embassy. Your employee will need to provide basic documents. China also scores work permit applications based on the value the applicant brings to the country with factors such as salary, qualifications, work experience, age, Mandarin proficiency, and more. Depending on how high an applicant scores, they may get additional benefits. We recommend applying for a visa about one month before planning to enter China.

Many of your employees will apply for Z visas and need to obtain a Chinese Residence Permit within 30 days of arriving in China. They must apply for this permit by:

  • Going to the nearest Exit-Entry Administration Service Center
  • Providing a passport
  • Filling out a registration form
  • Filling out a Foreigner’s Visa and Resident Permit Application form
  • Providing a passport photo
  • Showing an official health certificate
  • Providing supporting documents as necessary

Residency Permits: Temporary and Permanent

If you’re thinking of how to become a permanent resident in China, D type visa is the answer you are looking for.

How to Get Permanent Residency in China

To meet the requirements for the Chinese permanent residence visa, sometimes called the Chinese Green Card, the possible resident has to be:

  • a spouse of a Chinese citizen or a permanent resident for five or more years;
  • a child under the age of 18 that came to China to live with their parents;
  • an investor with a stable, three-year-long investment in China’s market;
  • a high-profile employee that has worked in China for four years or more;
  • an outstanding alien with a record of major contributions to China
  • a dependent who is over 60 years old and come to China to live with their relatives.

In addition to one of the above-mentioned Chinese visa requirements, an individual also has to stay in the country for 3 to 5 years (at least nine months per year), depending on their qualifying clause. The visa is valid for five years for children under 18-years-old and ten years for adults.

Required Documents when Applying for Permanent Residency

The documents you need to present when filing China’s permanent residence application:

  • a health certificate
  • proof of no criminal record
  • a valid ID
  • two passport photos

The fees for the application of Chinese permanent resident amount to 1,800 CNY.