How to get Work permit in UK – UK visa and Work Permit Requirements

Work permit in UK will enable you who is very much interested to get a job offer in the UK to  qualify for permanent residence if you have lived and worked in the UK for a minimum of five years. Once you have satisfied.

UK Work Permits and Visas

In order to work in the UK, you will require a UK Working Visa or Work Permit if your country of origin is outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). The application process for a UK visa can be either complex or relatively straightforward depending on your individual circumstances and the nature of your application.

A Work Permit is usually needed for workers who are coming to the UK as a result of having already secured a formal offer of work from an eligible UK company with the relevant Licence to sponsor, or if you are being relocated to the UK by your current employer. Alternatively, if you have a skill that is deemed as being in short supply in the UK by the Government, then you may be eligible for a visa to come on the basis that jobs in your sector would be widely available for you to secure.

UK Work Visa Types

The UK Employment Visas are categorized in four main groups, as follows:

  • Short-term work visas.
  • Long-term work visas.
  • Investor, business development and talent visas.
  • Other work visas.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain a United Kingdom Work Visa?

The requirements for a United Kingdom working visa vary based on which tier and visa your employees need. Tier two encompasses most long-term visas except for the special talent mentioned in tier one. The tier two general UK work visa is the most common for companies expanding, as it’s for people outside the EEA and Switzerland who have a job offer in the UK.

All general work visa applicants must have an employer or a licensed sponsor. Although the requirements vary by type of work permit, the most common include:

  • An application form
  • Two color photographs taken within the past six months
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of financial means to cover UK living costs
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Detailed travel itinerary
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • Biometric information
  • A visa invitation letter if the individual is staying with a friend or family member
  • Paid UK visa fees
  • Certified translations of any document that’s not in English or Welsh

What Is the Application Process for a United Kingdom Work Permit?

Your employees should apply for a UK visa three months before they want to begin working for you. Visa application processing can take up to three weeks, so it’s important to apply early at an application center or online through the UK Home Office Visas and Immigration Services website. The PBS system means the requirements and evaluations change for each tier, and some categories may have additional requirements, so make sure your employees know what they need to apply.

Applying for a UK work visa

You can submit your visa application at the UK visa application center in your home country. There is a list of UK visa application centers worldwide here. You can also apply online through the UK Home Office Visas and Immigration Service website.

The documents you must provide depend on the type of visa you’re applying for. If you’re applying for a Tier 2 (General) visa, you must provide:

  • a valid passport or travel ID
  • evidence that you can support yourself financially (e.g., bank statements, sponsor confirmation)
  • proof of English language ability
  • proof of payment of the healthcare surcharge

You also must submit a tuberculosis test if you’re coming to the UK for more than six months and are from any of the countries listed here.

Once you complete the form, book an appointment at the UK visa application center.

Visa processing times vary according to visa type and where you’re applying from. Check the standard processing times here.

The UK Visas and Immigration offers information on managing your application. It contains information on getting documents back and reporting changes in your circumstances, which can be found here.

When you arrive in the UK, you may need to register your visa with the police. You’ll receive information about this in your UK visa sticker or letter from the UK Home Office. More information is available here.

A link to set up an account for your UK work visa application online is available here. A link to calculate how much healthcare surcharge you will have to pay can be found here.

Your work visa length depends on the length of your employment contract. You may extend it if you don’t exceed the maximum length for your visa type. Apply online or at a UK visa premium service center.

What does a UK work visa cost?

The work visa costs depend on the type of visa and the length of time you are staying. A Tier 2 (General) visa valid for 3 years currently costs £575.

You can check your UK work visa costs on the UK Visas and Immigration website here.