How to Make Delicious Palm oil Stew (Banga stew) with Little Ingredients

How to Make Delicious Palm oil Stew – Are you still looking for the best way you can make your palm oil stew very delicious for that your restaurants? Below here we shall be discussing with you on Banga stew is the extraction of palm oil from the palm fruit which contain enough fatty oil for the growth of human tissues.

Banga stew on this modern era is most prevalent sunce for enjoying the meal of Rice ,the Banga stew has intend played the alternative role of tomatoes stew because of it’s nutritional value endowed on it .

Most people frown on its absence when it’s not made available whenever they wishes to enjoy a meal of Rice ,for this reason research has been made in several crannies to bring to the world the best and easiest ways to prepare such a delicious stew with few ingredients .

How to Make Delicious Palm oil Stew

you may love stew but a times you will be tired of eating the tomatoes stew, then worry noth , because i will show you how to prepare delicious pot of stew with palm oil with only but few ingredients.

These are the ingredients you will be needed for this stew preparation

1.)   grab a Palm oil on the measure of (coka cola bottle)

2.)   buy Fresh pepper (100 naira)

3.)   you will also get Onions (three big onions)

Basically on such stew preparation ,you are advise to get or buy fish of your favourite but, goat meat and salmon are more preferable,this is because the taste and aroma of the goat meat will help to boost it nourishing content.

4.)   Maggi and salt to taste are also a compulsory duo in such preparation.

Now let us get started

How to Prepare a  Delicious Palm oil Stew

You have to Slice two of the onions, please you are advise to use big onions because the onions kill the peppery taste of the pepper.

You have to put the slice onions into your food processor, wash your pepper and add them to the food processor and blend it with the onions. After blending pour your grinded pepper and onions into a bowl and set it aside.

If you are using meat, boil it for 20 minutes to soften it, because the stew doesn’t take long to cook.

On this stage u have to pour your palm oil into a pot, put the pot on your gas or stove top, cover the pot and let the oil fry on low heat for five minutes, please make sure you are frying the oil on low heat and cover the pot very well.

Use this five minutes to slice the remaining onion and set it aside.

After five minutes turn off your gas cooker without opening the pot, let the oil cool down for two minutes before opening the pot, you will notice that your oil have change to a very light color.

This is time you add your sliced onion to the oil, and switch on your gas cooker.

Place the oil on your gas top and let the onion fry for one minute then pour in your blended pepper and onions.Add your Maggi and salt to taste

Let the stew boil for two minutes then add your washed meat or fish.

Let them cook for thirty minutes and your delicious palm oil stew is ready.

When the stew is fully done and ready for eating ,
You can eat your stew with rice, bread, garri or any swallow of your choice.

Lastly,for you to know the reliability of instructions on how to prepare palm oil rice ,u are advise to sticky adhere to above instructions and surely it must work out for good , always know when and the limit to which each ingredients are needed to apply.

Enjoy your delicious palm oil Stew.

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