How to Repair a Corrupted SD Card – Recover Files on SD Card

How to Repair a Corrupted SD Card – Are you still having issues on how to recover files on your memory card because it has corrupted, all you need to do is to keep reading below here as we discuss on how to fix a corrupted memory card without loosing any file.

What is SD Card?

SD Card as popularly known as a memory card is a supportive storage device to your mobile phones, which aid the system memory of phone to save, store and retrieve files when the system memory is full and unable to save files again.

Normally every memory card must get damaged but its long lasting depend on the usage or it handling, memory card can get corrupted and majorly people believe that when memory card get corrupted it can never be fixed rather than to lay hand to new one. But the most annoying section of it, is that most of us has some countless files and apps in such corrupted memory card.

On this page article we shall be bringing a very good news to you, that it can be fixed again, below here we shall be showing you steps to fix a corrupted memory card.

Steps On How to Repair a Corrupted SD Card

  1. The first steps implies that you get the corrupted memory card together with a sharp new razor blade.
  2. Then you are advised to use the sharp razor blade to clean the terminal pins of the memory card by malting some light scratch on it.
  3.  On the third step, after thorough cleaning, take a clean cotton bud stick and clean the contact pins and catch memory card.
  4. On the fourth step, you are also advise to clean again with the sharp razor blade.
  5. On the fifth step, Fix in the memory card in your mobile phone again and you can now use it again.

These steps are to be applied to your corrupted memory card but you are not advise to bring any materials with stain of water closer to your memory card during the repairing steps.

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