Microsoft Graduate Software Engineer Internship Recruitment 2018/2019

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This post is really a personal wrap-up to conclude everything for myself, and for the people/students who are interested in an internship at Microsoft to have a peek.

I have experiences living in Taipei, Hong Kong, Budapest, New York and Toronto (all for at least a summer), and I honestly see great potentials in my Taiwanese friends. Developers in Taiwan are humble, hungry, talented and very friendly. I want to be back, but not yet.

Microsoft Graduate Software Engineer Internship Recruitment 2018/2019

So I will be preparing applications for graduate programs in the US in this semester while also sending out resumes to some companies that could potentially sponsor my visa without OPT. That is, I really hope to focus my last semester on the following things:

  • Preparing GRE and grad school applications
  • Job/Internship Search for opportunities in the US
  • Work on the ChatWeb project
  • Run Projectable to a self sustainable level (The link is in Chinese)
  • Maintain GPA that is already horrible
  • Meet friends in Hong Kong

This is going to be a challenging, fun and, hopefully, rewarding semester 🙂

Finally, one last time — Thank you, Microsoft and the team, for the amazing summer internship. I will see you guys soon!

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