National Treasury Internship 2020/2021 for Unemployed Graduates

National Treasury Internship – Are you still looking for internship programme to apply? We wish to notify you that the Agency for National Treasury has lime a path of internship system to all the Unemployed graduates for Internships programme of 2020/2020.

This internship system of National Treasury is meant for the University graduates who are done with they university academic programs or are in a process of completing their degrees in 2020. this fantastic internship is run for 24 months uninterruptedly, internship and it offers opportunities to help with gaining experience in a workplace to complete their studies. This internship system is established to help train students to develop they own skill.

Having introduce to you what national treasury interns programme is all about? In here in this page article we shall be categorically state with the qualification enabled for any interested candidate, the requirements, the course areas to apply for the programme.

Below here are the qualifications in which every interested candidate are required to have before applying for a successful National Treasury internship form for 2020/2021.

Qualification for this National Treasury internship:

  • All graduated University students.
  • University of Technology for students with a three (3) year diploma / degree or postgraduate.
  • Higher educational institution are qualified to apply for the internships too.

Having shown you the first phase, which is the qualification for the application, then below here is also things to consider for the application which is your course of study. Check below to know if your course of study is among the list.

National Treasury internship Disciplines like :

  1. Business
  2. Administration,
  3. Accounting,
  4. Architecture,
  5. Development Finance,
  6. Computer Science,
  7. Developmental Economics,
  8. Developmental Studies,
  9. Ecometrics,Economics Finance.
  10. Financial Management,
  11. Internal Audit,
  12. Informatics,
  13. Information Technology,
  14. International Relations,
  15. Law,
  16. LLB,
  17. Logistics,
  18. Mathematics
  19. Statistics,
  20. Public Finance,
  21. Project Management,
  22. Public Policy,
  23. Philosophy,
  24. Politics and Economics,
  25. System Development,
  26. Quantity Surveying,
  27. Supply chain Management,
  28. Software development,
  29. Taxation,
  30. Town Planning,
  31. Systems Analysis and
  32. Tax Law.

If you are through with the course of study, then next in line is to check if you have all the requirements for the application before moving to the next level.

National Treasury Application Requirements

  1. You a citizen of south Africa.
  2. Applicant should be 35 years old and younger
  3. Certified copy of Identity Document, school Qualification ( Grade 12 Certificate)
  4. Certified copy of your tertiary qualifications
  5. Certified Copy of your full official academic records
  6. Candidate should not have been participated in an internship program

To Apply for National Treasury Graduate Internship 2020/2021

Apply Online for the National Treasury: Internship Programme 2021

Closing Date: 30 September 2020

If your document size is more than 5MB, visit one of the sites listed below to upload and shrink your documents

Compress PDF

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Shrink your images

If you have not heard from the National Treasury within three months after the closing date, please regard your application as unsuccessful.

Do you have a CV?

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NOTE: It’s necessary you read and understand the terms and criteria involved in National Treasury Internship scheme before applying and it’s purely online base application .

You can apply when it’s time and not when it’s late.