Nigeria Oil and Gas Recruitment 2018 Job Application Form – Oil & Gas Requirements

Are you in search of Nigeria Oil and Gas Recruitment 2018 Job Application Form?if yes, then keep on reading on this page to enable you obtain all the necessary information required for you to apply.

The Nigerian Oil and Gas Recruitment is made for all the interested Nigerian citizens but any one who wishes to apply must read through the employment strategies, job requirements and as well know how to apply.

However, in Oil and Gas Recruitment in Nigeria, There are several business units you can work in the gas industry, being in one of these units would expose you to several means of refining gas and meeting the end products of crude to meet the different purposes which they are intended.

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Therefore, working in each of the above units, you are expected to know their fuctions in oil and gas recruitment to enable you determine which of the business units to work in.





These three units are the major business units fuond in oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Below are the autonomous business Units in oil and gas company in Nigeria.

Autonomous Business Units:

Upstream Company:

Downstream Company:

Refining Company

Ventures Company

Below are different functions of the three mojor units in Nigerian oil and gas company.

1). UPSTREAM COMPANY: As the first phase in oil production, the upstream sector includes well exploration, drilling and operation. Upstream is important because it determines supply which affects prices in the downstream sector. The upstream sector is primarily concerned with finding and utilizing the available petroleum supply, as opposed to the downstream and midstream sectors that are concerned more about the demand of oil and its transportation. Technology is the most crucial factor in up stream’s exploration and extraction.

2). THE MIDSTREAM SECTOR: Involves the transportation (by pipeline, rail, barge, oil tanker or truck), storage, and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products. The midstream sector is primarily concerned with the transportation of oil and natural gas from the extraction site to the refineries. This sector is often included as an extension of either the upstream or downstream sector, depending on the source. Transporting raw oil and natural gas is a highly technical process that involves compressing the fluids to necessary pressures in order to be transported through pipelines or on tankers from offshore drilling sites. The midstream sector is also responsible for treating raw materials in order to remove impurities such as water vapor or hydrogen sulfide. Removing impurities and compressing the fluids helps maximize the amount of oil and natural gas that can be transported, thus maximizing efficiency and profits for companies are an important aspect in this sector of the industry.

3). THE DOWNSTREAM SECTOR of the petroleum industry is a part of the industry that is responsible for final processing, product distribution and marketing. The Downstream Sector processes crude oil into finished products like heating oil, asphalt, lubricants, synthetic rubber, plastics, fertilizers, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals.

Nigeria Oil and Gas Recruitment 2018 Job Application Form Requirement

Educational: Successful completion of 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects, is the minimum eligibility criteria required to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering.

How to Apply for Nigeria Oil and Gas Recruitment 2018 Job Application Form

Vacancies are usually posted online to enable interested and qualified applicants to apply. You will be required to submit all applications, your personal details and CV before application deadline. To know when to apply and when vacancies are shortlisted because currently, the form is not online but we shall communicate through your contact and email address as you drop them below the comment box when the form is out.