NYSC 2018 top 10 Best States to Serve – NYSC Best Posting State

NYSC 2018 top 10 Best States to Serve – It has been and remain undebateable fact that North is the most comfortable area to serve. Northern states when compare to other region is the richest and most highly payed area and according to the new research, it has been confirmed that there adequate security and other life benefits one can derive when serving in the northern region of the country.

However, below are the reasons why north can be considered the best place to sreve.

  1. payment; In the north, the payment rate is high and appropriate.
  2. Job Opportunities; If you are job seeker, north is the perfect place for you.
  3. Cost of Living; In infrastructural facilities such as good road,water,light and other important human needs, north is the best area to choose.
  4. Connection; Here l must be sincere with you that northern region is the most reliable place for easy and effective connection in that just one phone call can change your life and make you rich beyond your expectation.
  5. Life Experience; It is always good for one to leave his or her tribal comfort zone and travel to other part of the world and explore the other side of life.


  1. job availability or opportunities.
  2. Adequate security coverage.
  3. Cost of living.
  4. availability of infrastructural facility.

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List Of NYSC 2018 top 10 Best States to Serve

At this junture, it will be partnent for us to know the best Northern states for NYSC. There include:

1. KANO STATE-North west: Kano State is the city of the North. It is the most planned organised Northern state with a lot besic amenities.

2. F.C.T ABUJA-North Central: To be frank with you, abuja officially not organised compared to other northern states, but for the purpose of NYSC,the FCT is considered the best among the North Central states.

3. NIGER STATE-North Central: Nger state is the best northern state in terms of statistics, Availbility of employers,and allawee.

4. KADUNA STATE-North west: Kaduna is the base and home of private companies, noodles,and so on. It si one of the state that can boast of over twelve hours of light daily, pipe borne water and good road, cost of living is also moderate compare to other states.

5. BAUCHI STATE-North East: This state is also good for NYSC service.

Recmmendation: From the previous and recent research, l hereby conclude that North has been and remain the best place to serve, but l must have to advice you to be conscious of the religious and cultural argument to be on the safe side.

Thank you and good luck as you took off to North for your NYSC service.

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