Option to Work from Home – Medical Intake Coordinator Recruitment

Are you looking for Medical intake coordinator recruitment job?if yes then the medical intake coordinator recruitment application form is now online and is available on the company site.

Currently, anyone who wants to apply for this job should look for all the necessary information required for one to apply. The medical intake coordinator recruitment job is a very expensive but lucrative offering a lot of benefits in different aspect of life.

This full-time position performs duties related to the faclilitation of request for medical services for various benefit plans.

Positional Duration Medical Intake Coordinator Recruitment:

In line with the above, you should also be aware that the positional duration for the medical coordination recruitment job is Monday to Friday shift position

Futhremore, you are also expected to have one plus some years experince in a health care setting and all the applicant must as well have a year plus some years experience in a call center environment and must be expert in medical terninologies to be qualify to apply and be sucessful at the end

However, for an applicant for medical intake coordinator to be conssidered eligible and right to apply, the person must go through job summary for medical intake coordinator recruitment job, check job responsibilities and other basic factors to be considered such as the educational experience in health care, skills and abilities in medical heath services as well as the compensation and benefits availabe for the employee.

Beow here we shall be educating all the applicants on the job responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities Of Medical Intake Coordinator Recruitment:

  • Answering calls related to medical services to determine if prior authorization is required for the requested services
  • Explaining the role and function of our company
  • Documentation of calls into the computer system
  • Collecting the caller’s demographics, provider and clinical information to initiate an authorization for medical services
  • Providing education and technical support to members
  • Communicating medical review outcomes completed by a nurse to medical professionals and members when required
  • Triage calls for referral to applicable HCS products.

Education and Experience:

1+ years’ experience in a health care setting preferred
1+ years’ experience in a call center environment preferred
Medical terminology

Skills and Abilities:

Very strong verbal & written communication skills are a must
** Spanish speaking a plus!

Demonstrated problem solving skills

Ability to multi-task
Decision making skills
Ability to counsel people based on policy, procedures and plan design
Good computer skills with knowledge of Windows based software is necessary

Compensation and Benefits:

Competitive salary, based on experience
Excellent benefits package available.

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