PASA Internships for 2020/2021 and How to Apply for PASA Internships

However, on this page we are going to learn more about PASA Internships for 2020/2021 and How to Apply for PASA Internships. And their steps to follow and apply to it.

PASA Internships for 2021

Meanwhile, we are here to discuss with you how and the best steps to all for this awesome internship for international student. Therefore, we will also tell you more about PASA Internships for 2020/2021 and How to Apply for PASA Internships.

PASA Internships for 2021

Meanwhile, the publishers’ Association of South Africa (PASA) has invited unemployed youths and urged them to apply for Graduate / Internship Programme ravaging for 2020/2021.

Above all, this promptly Internship program has it date for Application Closing and expiration which is on Date: 30 September 2020

The internship Location is at Gauteng.

However, the general organ of Publishers’ Association of South Africa is allotting an enticing internship opportunities for individuals who want to develop their horzon of career in the Book Publishing Industry. Meanwhile, this programme is championed and funded by FP & M Seta (Fibre Processing and Manufacturing Sector Education Training Authority).

Things about the Internship:

The Internship Programme is a structure placement programme administere by the Publishers’ Association of South Africa.
Duration: a year (1 February 2021 to 31 January 2022).
Interns will be paid a monthly stipend.
The internship will be with contracted publishing companies which are in the Education, Trade and Academic Sectors.
Interns will sign a contract which will commit them to the period and conditions of involvement and employment.


After that, An Individuals who desired to pursue and develop a career in publishing;
A tertiary qualification;
We are looking for Individuals who are inquisitive and
eager to learn
independent thinkers
assertive and enjoy language and communication.

How to apply

Applications to be submitted to: [email protected] or via fax 021 -762-2763

Please note this.

Moreover, the internship appointments will be in accordance with the employment equity requirements of the Fp and M seta2 .
The interview and placement will take at scene of Gauteng and Western cape.

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