Some Big Brother Naija Housemates that have Fishy Commonalities

Big Brother Naija Housemates – As many household have made BBnaija their center of joy derivation, many are highly of the opinion that the money spent on hosting the reality TV showed be channelled into something else because they don’t see value in it. Following the trending activities of the show this season, it seems the immoral the pertakers or better put; some of the pertakers are beginning to take advantage of themselves either for fun or for the fame.

Big Brother Naija Housemates

Well amidst the criticisms, the show have been on the spin of growth since its inception as many young Nigerians especially the upcoming stars who aims to see the limelight of Fame through it.
Recently, just after a few days since the lockdown edition began, we have seen some under the sheets activities between some housemates, particularly Katrina and Praise, surprisingly, these two have serious relationships outside the house.
Below are some of the housemates who is now talk of the town for their suspicious gestures:

Kidwaya and Erica:
Let’s start from this duo that began their supposed topic of discussion from the night of”truth or dare” game which saw Kidwaya through kissing Erica on stage. Having asked to pick the lady he will like to date in the house, Kidwaya was put on the spot and went all out to reveal his crush-mate, in the person of Erica. Kidwaya never stopped at just that, he had the option of taking a drink or do the dare during the spinbottle “Truth or Dare” and the Kid went for the later.

Miracle and Nina:
This two started shyly, stealing moments under the duvet but as time went on, they became bolder with their moves as Nina claimed they were in love while Miracle calmly stayed on the fence. Nina who went into the show leaving her boyfriend behind got tongue lashed as she came out especially when it turned out that Miracle had other plans.

Khafi and Gedoni:
Khafi and Ghedoni were seen severally under the sheets before Ghedoni’s eviction. In fact, it was said that Khafi would have gone far in the show if not for her involvement with Ghedoni. However, when Ghedoni was evicted, he said “Khafi and I never had sex”.
Hence we concluded that they did everything but never went all the way. They are now engaged to be married.

Teddy A and Bambam:
The same edition with Miracle and Nina, these two made use of the toilet and there were murmurs especially as Bambam was said to be from a very religious home. Luckily for these ones however, they ended up marrying each other and now they have a child together.

Katrina and Praise :
Well, this happened recently and it didn’t end well for Katrina who was evicted last night during the eviction show…

We know we might see more actions before the end of the show. What are your thoughts on Big Brother Naija? To be banned or left to thrive? Hold on to this while we wait for more interesting updates from the show. Don’t forget to comment or contribute in the comments section!