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We shall be discussing with you here on the best route to make your airtime last longer when making international calls or even on a local calls but before then i would like to let you understand what airtime is all about.

What is Airtime?

Airtime is a science required for your mobile and android phones to access the internet, make calls, places messages to loved ones, family and even business colleagues. On the basis most people desired to make calls but it seems impossible because of insufficient airtime on the mobile phone.

On this page we shall be showing you the best route to make your airtime last longer, below here are the steps to consider.

Best Route to make your Airtime Last Longer

Below here are the possible things you need to always do once you recharge airtime on your phone to enable it last longer for you.

  1. Flashing – a times you do not need to call people rather you flash them and they will definitely call you back.
  2. By recharging your airtime account with your mobile apps. a times some telecommunication agencies put or place rewards to their esteem customers for recharging their mobile app.
  3. Know when to call for the long lasting of your airtime, you should know the time to call people for a particular inquiring or the time you need to get the particular information you have been seeking and exploring for.
  4. Always have a reason for each call you make, people mistakenly useless the little airtime on your phone making irrelevant calls which are meanly for fun and joke which in variably led to shortage of airtime on their phone.
  5. Make your call concise and brief. Your airtime are bond to last when any of your calls are embark with brief and concise words which are very communicative enough.

    6. Use a Video Calling App to Make Calls to Friends and Family

    Making a call to friends or family? Don’t use your prepaid minutes, instead use one of the many calling apps that are available for free.

    Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger all offer free video calling (or you can turn off the video) to anyone with a connected device.

    You will need to make sure you are on a WiFi network otherwise it will use up your data.

    7. Save Your Data with these Four Steps

    For many of us, the mobile data seems to disappear the most easily. This is because there are a number of ways a smartphone might use mobile data without you knowing, or sometimes inadvertently.  So here are four ways to curb your mobile data use.

    1. Track Your Data Use, Set Limits and See Which Apps use the Most
    You can monitor your mobile data consumption on your phone and actually set warnings when you go over certain limits which can be very helpful.

    It is also possible to see how much data each specific app is using on your phone, allowing you to know which apps are the worst offenders in making your data disappear

    See how to view your data usage Here for Android, and Here for iPhone.

    2. Turn Off Background Data for Data Draining Apps
    Most apps will use background data to check for updates, send location information, or a variety of other things that can slowly deplete your mobile data.

    Turning off background data helps keep apps from doing so unless they are connected to WiFi and you can also choose specific apps to turn off/on background data.

    3. Use WiFi for Big Downloads and Uploads
    This tip saves the most data by far – use a WiFi network when you have large files to upload or download. If you have pictures to upload to Facebook, or want to download music to your phone, use WiFi instead of your data and it will make your data last much longer.

    Also avoid streaming videos or music unless you are connected to WiFi as these will quickly use up your data.

    4. Turn Off All Data when you Don’t Need it

    Our final tip is to just turn off all Data usage on your phone during times when you don’t need it. You can do this in the settings menu under Data or Cellular Data.

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