The Favorite Delicacies In Most Top States In Nigeria Context

Favorite Delicacies In Most Top States In Nigeria – From the time of memorial every State and society has their distinct way of dressing pattern, Eating mode , difference in language ,and absolute in cultural norms even though , Sub cultural heritage exist to ensure the out group of such cultural background inculcate ways of cultures either by transmission, diffusion , association, acculturation and by conquest but in nutshell, some cultures are still core to some people which can’t be transferred to any out group that are not of same cultural background.

Different States in Nigeria with their Foods

States in Nigeria inclusively has their favorite food including tribes, and all tribes don’t joke with their favorite Delicacies

On this point we will be looking at some top states in Nigeria, and their favorite delicacies which differs in consumption patterns and the varieties of edible substance they consume which distinct them from others .

The List Of Favorite Delicacies In Most Top States In Nigeria.

Below are the states and they favorite food patterns .

1.)   Black soup

Edo State

The people of Edo state don’t jeopardized with black soup in any case , any lady who hails from Edo state, and you don’t know how to cook and prepare black soup then you are not a real Edo lady from birth .

2.)   Banga soup.

Delta State

people from other states when they hear or heard that you are from Delta State, the first thing they will say is where is your Banga soup” even though the Urhobo and Isoko people of Delta State, are the ones that don’t joke with Banga Soup but the soup has been generalised to all the people of Delta State , currently the soup is now associated with all the tribes in Nigeria.

Owho soup and starch

The Uhrobo, Ijaw and Isoko don’t joke with this soup at all, if you want to please an Uhrobo or Ijaw man, make him a plate of Owho soup and starch, and you will get what you want from him.

The Uhrobo and Isoko people of Delta State people on every basis.